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27/01/17 Remote design

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From left to right and from up to down;

  • Simple TV control similar to a telephone, same screen to press touch buttons
  • A voice controlled bedroom remote which controls everything in the living room, but you have the buttons options.
  • A screen remote where you are able to amend the channel and it is projected straight to the TV. Friendly and easy to hold as it has the same layout than a tablet and it can be on the table without having the chance to lose it as it happen with the normal remote, how many times have not we found the remote among the sofas and around the living room?!
  • As a decoration for the living room, hold it on the wall – as a picture, with highlighted and sharp buttons to press and change the channel desired.

4 specific remotes for a child, a pensioner, a deaf person and a bar tender 

From left to right and from up to down;




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