My learning in UX & HTML

Nielsen’s Design and Usability Principles

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  1. Consistency and standards

Airbnb homepage follows platform conventions. It is the common format in any website – the typical menu bar located at the top down of the screen, which make it be familiar and easily identify for hosts and guests but Airbnb has its specific read and easy layout to be recognized by itself.


      2. Recognition rather than recall

Outlook Mail login page makes a common mistake, as the placeholder text (“Password”) is used instead of a Label. it would be quicker for the user if the label and he hint are placed outside the form field and are always visible to the user.


      3. Error prevention

We are asked for confirmation before sending the email without a subject.

I personally appreciate that because I forget it most of the time and it is not good in the work environment!


      4. Visibility of system status

Immediately confirmation and an email afterwards to make sure your registration has been succeed.


     5. Aesthetic and minimalist design

Simple at minimalist at glance!










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